It is specialized in the maintenance and control of work orders in aircraft repair station system. MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul) for its acronym in English, is a worldwide standard term which refers to the work being carried out in repairing aircraft stations and aircraft parts.

    ICARUS MRO is a robust system designed to facilitate the management and control of information flow in such organizacionespermitiéndoles save money, as it facilitates making appropriate and timely decisions.


    • File:

    System's general settings

    • Aircraft:

    Register of aircrafts, maintenance plan, settings and control of its statistical information

    • Components:

    Definition of parts catalog, serialized components installed on each aircraft and its statistics. Control of movements and services, complete information on the history of each spare part.

    • Technical Documents:

    . Registration and control of Airworthiness Directives (ADs), Service Bulletins (SB's) and others like Engineering orders. This module allows to control the scheduling, compliance and history of these technical documents.

    • Work Orders:

    Creating and Scheduling Work Orders (WO), its compliance and records, as well as control of materials, equipment and personnel required for its compliance.


    Inventory control register of parts in stock, motion control, calibration tools and purchasing management

    • Technical Staff:

    Technical staff registry, control of recurrent check-ups, control of expiring licenses and courses due and training Schedule

    • Ground support equipment:

    Technical sheet (resume) of equipment, repair and calibration control , programming of their maintenance


    Controlling the information flow cycle from the entrance of the aircraft or the part to be repaired to final delivery to the customer with real knowledge of the work performed, materials and man hours spent on repairs

    Improving response times to customers and that is to know at all times as it is conducting a repair and what it takes to finish.