SEICO TECHNOLOGY is a company with 12 years of experience in the development and marketing of specialized aviation software. Before creating the company, the founders worked with the Civil Aviation of Colombia auditing operating companies and aircraft repair shops. This experience provided the basis for develop innovative and useful products for aviation.

    We have customers in Colombia, Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

    SEICO TECHNOLOGY LLC is located in Winter Springs FL, north of the city of Orlando, and receives technical and business assistance from UCFBIP (University of Central Florida - Business Incubation Program)..

  • our mission

     Develop and deliver innovative, useful technology solutions for aviation and industrial organizations, facilitate the management of information and processes, allowing our clients to make sound decisions generating continuous improvement that leads them to be more efficient, cost effective and reliable.

    In this way and through a model of productive and efficient business, attract dividends necessary to constantly strengthen the company and provide stable and quality jobs for our employees while generating high dividends to shareholders.
  • our vision

     SEICO Technology will be a leading technology developer company in Latin America, strengthened and consolidated in the aviation market, with a mature and efficient model of production, marketing and after-sales technical support.

    We will be well-positioned in the international aviation market, with direct presence in several countries, providing innovative software products and a steady growth trend worldwide.

  • quality

     SEICO TECHNOLOGY is committed to effectively fulfill the commitments made to its customers, to exceed your needs and expectations, offering guaranteed products and services in a timely manner, continuously improving the performance of their activities and with a trained staff committed to the performance of their duties