It is a system that automates the work of dispatch of aircraft, thus, it brings important benefits such as reducing time in prepare the manifest of Weight and Balance, eliminate miscalculations by human error, and the most importantly, decreases costs by optimizing the consumption of fuel on a plane with optimal load distribution


    Among the main benefits you will get with AirBalance are:

    - Centralization of dispatch of all flights in an airline from one base.
    - Automatic distribution of loads to obtain an optimal center of gravity, to improve the performance conditions of the aircrafts.
    - Control of printing of manifests of load if these are out of safety limits.
    - Facility to maintain historical information for each flight with their load data.
    - Supply of fuel consumption statistics per way, allowing to carry out analysis of operating costs of the fleet.
    - Tankering: Obtaining the analysis of the optimal tanking of extra fuel, for get the most economical operation for each route.


    When you have various tools and charts that allow you to take a more accurate load for each aircraft control, you will:

    - Get the analysis of the optimal tanking extra fuel to get the most economical operation for each route.
    - Graphs load limits and weight limits section, have the advantage of being configurable for specific aircraft model or.
    - You can verify you maximum and minimum consumption per way.

    These are just a small explanation of the many tools you get with our program which will allow you to obtain the best performance in profit and productivity.